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About London's Pride Ltd

London's Pride Ltd is a retailer of gifts & souvenirs trading in London, Scotland, York and Liverpool. It started as a retailer in London and on its second anniversary the company opened a retail shop in Liverpool to serve its customers directly. Just after six months of opening it has attracted the attention of the local competitors and now became one of the trusted and recommended destinations for visitors and local people interested in gifts and souvenirs. The company image exemplifies what customers are seeking to buy as visitors in UK and to gift their loved ones that give an expression of the Great Britain, its culture and heritage. What differentiates the company from others are the customized and printed gifts and souvenirs about specific regions, cities, attractions in UK its offer, its "one-of-a-kind" product line and a number of exclusive, proprietary products it designs itself and handmade models.

The company was incorporated to be a brand in the ‘Gifts & Souvenirs’ industry. Its director, Mr Rafeeque Olikkathodi, have invested his time, innumerable personal finances and research in developing and expanding this wholesale business into a retail location. Mr Olikkathodi does have more than 5 years of retail and accounting experience in ‘Gifts & Souvenirs’ industry.

To all of you, from all of us at London's Pride Ltd - Thank you!

CEO London's Pride Ltd