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Scottish Souvenirs and Gifts

Scottish souvenirs range from cashmere, lambswool and kilts to sporrans and hip flasks. Harris Tweed gifts are also high quality products and many of our customers are interested in the clan products and books so they can own something that is connected to their Scottish heritage. You can find out your clan family here. By searching for your family surname, you can discover what your clan name is and your clan tartan. Our tartan products and kilts are very popular, as they are unique to each clan.




London Souvenirs and Gifts

London souvenirs range from London miniatures, stationery and mugs to fridge magnets, key rings and teddy bears. London is an iconic place and our customers love to collect products with London icons such as Big Ben, London red buses, Beefeater soldiers, the London Eye and the Queen. As the UK’s capital city, London is full of character and history and it’s great to have a collectable item to represent London.



Liverpool Souvenirs and Gifts

Liverpool gifts range from stationery, mugs and coasters to pin badges, fridge magnets and key rings. Liverpool is a lively city that is particularly passionate about music and football. As it’s the home of Liverpool Football Club and the Beatles, our customers enjoy purchasing items such as football gifts and music memorabilia. Beatles souvenirs are ideal gifts for any music fan and the culture of the city makes you want to purchase a part of it to take home.



York Souvenirs and Gifts

York sourvenirs range from souvenirs of landmarks of the historic city and it’s Viking past. Many of our customers are taken in with the beauty of the city and enjoy visiting York Minster and the Shambles. York is an interesting place for English heritage and Viking ancestry. York Castle and the Castle Walls, which surround the city are also inspiring. Our York souvenirs such as stationery, fridge magnets, miniatures and clothing like T-shirts and hoodies are very popular.